Wellness and well-being – both physical and mental – are topics very dear to the heart of Ben Hamburger, Managing Director at Sana Life Science. After a career that began in the intense world of M&A Advisory, Ben has seen more than one co-worker suffer, “I’ve heard colleagues describe that industry as one of the most miserable ways to earn a living. And life is too short not to wake up looking forward to the day ahead.” Describing himself as having an entrepreneurial spirit ‘since forever’, Ben founded Sana Lifestyle to help consumers more knowledgably navigate the sometimes complex world of Cannabidiol (CBD).

Part of Sana Life Science, Sana Lifestyle is now a leading wellness CBD and cannabis product distributor, offering a wide-range of trusted brands in this emerging sector to retailers across the region. Sana’s mission is to offer a full-service solution from manufacturing through regulation management and all the way to the point of purchase.

CBD is a category that many consumers have heard of but can occasionally become wary of entering, lacking both knowledge and trust. Sana Lifestyle is set to relieve that confusion and build consumer trust. “Although we are in the early stages of CBD as a category”, says Ben. “its contribution to the overall consumer wellness debate of the past few years has been hugely significant. We see more and more consumers including CBD as part of their core lifestyle-wellness routine, and it is crucial that brands support customers on that journey.”

Sana Lifestyle understands that there is scope for consumers to feel overwhelmed by regulation, specification and the sheer quantity of brands. “We want to help shoppers and retailersalike. At Sana Lifestyle, we have created a distribution model which removes all of this complexity. The brands in our portfolio have been audited, stringently tested and been appropriately certified – which not every product available in the UK today can say.”

As part of building the business, Ben has brought together a senior leadership team with experience across multiple disciplines and categories. “We know wellness is very closely linked with health & beauty, so we know that market intimately. We appreciate that technology is crucial to our success, so we have best-in-class infrastructure behind us to make sure that we can deliver the right products to customers every single time. We know CBD, we understand the opportunity – and we are working in partnership with our key customers to help them maximise the category in-store and with shoppers.”

Maximising trust in and simplifying the benefits of the CBD category is also critical. “Consumers are smarter today than they have ever been – they have done their own research and often dived deep into the CBD world online. When they are ready to purchase, our goal is to provide retailers with a range that meets every consumer need and that retailers can trust to be tested, regulated and certified by the appropriate bodies. The Sana family of brands are both reputable and committed to the future of the category, and we want to take our retail partners along on the journey with us.”

There is a lot to understand and to those who say there is too much information out there, Ben has a very simple message, “Some commentators say CBD is too complex, but we actually welcome regulation. We want every CBD product to be comprehensively tested and confirmed, because we know our brands have already done that. We believe that more regulation is actually fundamental to the success of the category going forward.”

Looking ahead it is clear that Ben’s long-term vision, and passionate belief in the potential of CBD to help a wide range of consumers, will drive Sana Lifestyle on to greater success, “We love this space”, concludes Ben. “Taking responsibility for your personal wellness is increasingly important to consumers, and we truly believe our mission is to help people do that responsibly, safely and conveniently.”